We have carefully selected our products based on certain criteria. We pay  attention to how the cotton for our products is grown and under what circumstances the production takes place.

We use organic cotton for our garments, which saves a lot of water.
Organic cotton requires an average of 6,600 liters of water per kilogram, compared to conventional cotton with 11,000 liters per kilogram, a real water saver!

Organic cotton is also free from harmful chemicals that have a significant impact on the environment, workers and regions. Unfortunately, protective measures for health and nature are rarely taken. In addition, chemicals that are flushed out often seep into the groundwater, which can lead to the contamination of drinking water. - (Source)

We also work with OneTreePlanet to plant at least one tree per order where it is most needed. A positive side effect: We also offset our CO2 emissions.
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